"All men have stars - but they are not the same things for
different people."
Under the Stars is an interactive installation that invites you to capture and contemplate what you the most under the stars. Embodying the narrative of the children's book, 'The Little Prince', this installation takes you on a journey of appreciating the mundane and how the ordinary may not be so ordinary if we take the time and effort to cultivate a relationship with them.  
This installation utilizes the theme of creativity and ephemerality through motion tracking and projections. The metaphor of stars from The Little Prince is embraced to highlight the importance of appreciating the little things in life, for we never know when they will disappear.
The Ideation 
The initial process involved mind mapping and brainstorming key concepts and themes of the book before narrowing in on the idea of ephemerality. The main components of the interaction were inspired by the stars, characters of the book and its setting of being in a desert.

Floor plan and observatory

The interaction resides in an observatory to contextualise the interaction with the stars. The floor plan takes into account of Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Interactive storyboard

The User Journey
The Interaction