How do we visualise the incoming energy transition from the rising use of solar panels?
Rising solar panels means a greener way of living and new lifestyles emerging, where energy may be shared amongst the community. Currently is a speculative campaign consisting of a mobile website and brand identity to unveil how it is important to be empathetic when consuming our energy through visualizing our potential energy impact on the surrounding community. 
It explores a redesign and speculative alternative of electricity bills, utilising interactive information visualisation through an empathetic design approach in the form of a community electricity consumption visualisation report.
This project won as finalist for AGDA Awards 2022 for digital campaigns, apps and websites. 
The logo for Currently was inspired by the switch symbol used to connect light bulbs in circuit to showcase the importance of connection and understanding for the community to function. The lines represent the wires and the letters are coupled to mimic sets of houses in the community. 
Sketches and early iterations of the logo. Inspired by sundials, shadows and circuit symbols.
The interface and interactions were inspired by the concept sundials where users can drag the ball to mimic the different times of the day and energy produced from the solar panels during those times of the day. Users can then drag the community battery dial to stimulate their energy consumption, to witness their impacts on the houses around them. 
Tip cards pop up to advise on what can be used during those specific times of the day.

Currently collateral


Interaction of community battery and tip card.